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Our Top Selling of 2013 – Part 3.

Posted December 11th, 2013 by Eden Petz

Have you checked out the first 6 items in the previous posts? They have joined our BIG Christmas Sale, if you are still worrying about the gifts to give, sure they will not let you down.

No.7 Cat Collar Collection – something for the kittens


Two Different Materials – PU Leather or Nylon

Six Different Colours – Blue Zebra, Yellow Leopard, Spotty Purple, Rainbow Pink, Blue Flower and Yellow Giraffe

We all know how naughty the kittens can be when they are out, this collar features the safety buckle, easy pull to release if they are trapped

One-size with adjustable length between 20cm-36cm, suitable for most of the cats

Last but not least, a mini matching colour bell attached for more attention

No.8 Denim Jacket

 KA12W008 - Copy (572x800)

One of the Favourites from the Katsu Collection, it has got a Reindeer Print  with designer writings on the back

 Fleece Grey Hoodie with washed Denim Jacket, Sleeveless arms with trimmed edge for extra touch of the old school style

Its the one that appears on your own wish list, only a bit smaller!

No.9 Remember Pet Carrier


Another Old school Style – ‘Remember’ Brown Pet Carrier with Red Prints

Very Unique design in the market, with two different styles -  Shoulder Carrier or Backpack Carrier

The Shoulder one has got a rolling curtain on side allows extra privacy, while the Backpack carrier has got a top open which allows the puppy to stick the head out and look around

Both featured mesh windows with an external pocket for treats n bits, rigid pad attached to help hold the shape

Which one do you like ?

No.10 Rainbow Dog Collar & Lead Set

Pink collar&leadEDCL9

Unbeatable Bright Rainbow Colour – Unisex Collar & Lead Set

Fully Adjustable length for both Small and Medium Collars

 120cm Lead offers the best distance for protection and control

no matter what colour your puppy is, either of them will do a great job

Here are the Top 10 of our Best Sellers in 2013, what do you think? Welcome to visit EdenPetz for more products we stock!

Our Top Selling of 2013 – Part 2.

Posted December 10th, 2013 by Eden Petz

Continue our journey on the best selling pet products,

No.4 Car Seat Protector

BT-P205 ED P001 Pink ED P001(Pink).2 ED P001(Pink).3

Launched in 2012, with its exceptional quality and practical use, it has been staying on the Top of our Best Buys

We brought out the New Pink in FW 2013, a Brighter and Unique colour to give it a more feminine touch

140cm * 105cm, one-size which is suitable for most of the car back seats

Metal hooks and elastic bands for better stable fitting

Slots designed allows the normal use of safe belts

No.5 Hearts Collapsible Pet Carrier

 ED C001-1  ED C001

Another one from our Igloo Carrier collection – the Navy Hearts Carrier

Different from the polkadots ones, this one is more of going for the Simple & Complete look

Mesh Windows on top and sides for great ventilation

Single Layer Side pocket fitted for treats and bits

Detachable Shoulder Straps for convenient transportation

No.6 Colour Collection – Shoulder Pet Carrier/Bag

ED B001M allin

Getting bored with the same standard colour ? then this lovely rainbow collection would be the great Standing Out Choice

Mesh Window on top with zip access

Single Layer Side Pocket for treats and bits

Security Lead fitted to attach on collar

Removable Rigid Floor Pad

another little trick of this bag, the front side can be folded down, so your puppy can stick the head out to look around while you carry them

Our Top selling of 2013 -part 1.

Posted December 9th, 2013 by Eden Petz

While Christmas is on the way, have you got our Star Buys of 2013?

Let’s see what’s under the veil ..

No.1 Igloo Polkadots Pet Carrier

ED C002L Navy EDC002L RED Pink 042

Simple, Classic with a Modern touch, no wonder this one is ranked our Top seller for the year.

Igloo shaped carrier, flat packed for easy storage and easy zip-up to assemble

Mesh Windows on side for lights and ventilation

Side pockets for treats, diary, and water bottle

Detachable Shoulder Straps for extra convenience

No.2 Turtle Neck Fleece Jackets

 DA1224A DA1224C

Not only because it looks good, it also feels good.

Spotty Pattern with Golden Lined writing on the back

Sleeveless design easy for the puppies to run around with no bounding

Zip access in front for quick apply

Pull to tighten the back for extra warmness

No.3 Designer Retractable Leads

ED FG7 - copy ED FG9 - copy ED FG13 - copy ED FG25 - copy


This pretty EdenPetz collection was launched in Summer 2013, a lovely season when we enjoy a walk out in the sun.

Four different colours and designs, Grey Leopard, Vintage blue, Spotty Orange, and Gentleman Black

Shining smooth finish, Strong Flat Leads and Ergonomic Handle

Lock button fixed allow the best control of distance

to be continued…

Stock up to Enjoy a Prosperous Winter

Posted October 9th, 2013 by Eden Petz

You know when the leaves change to yellow, wind becomes chilli, and night comes earlier, the autumn has come! It is the season when everyone starts preparing for the colder and colder days, it is the season when people get busier to make the last efforts of the year.   Stock up now to Enjoy a Prosperous Winter!

A lot happened to EdenPetz in 2013, we moved to new place, we had more novelty carriers designed, we expanded our ranges with designer clothing, collars, leads, retractable leads, and a lot more varieties. One of the most important issues was our new e-commerce website,, that was launched early in August. Replacing the old method of taking orders over the phone and emails, it allows our customers to easily open their trade accounts online, click to order in bulk for their business, just like buying a single piece of clothes.

It is a busy year, we travelled from up north down to the bottom of the south, attended exhibitions all around the UK. We are so glad to hear all the compliments on our products, we are grateful with all the support and positive feedbacks. Thanks for all the faith in us, this is what gives us the confidence to continue looking for the best for you.

We wish you all a Mysterious Halloween!


P.S. — Christmas Pre-Order has Now Started, if you are looking for something special this year, Contact Now to avoid disappointments later!

Spring Intro.

Posted April 29th, 2013 by Eden Petz

Its has been a long time since the last update was posted here, it was probably snowing when I published the last article, or actually, it was only a short Diary. Now its the Spring, for those who like the sun, the green, and the great blue sky, its time to go out and enjoy before it leaves too soon, are you getting ready? :)






(some wonderful collection coming next … ^0^ )

A lot of Showing this year, that has fulfilled our schedules! lol ! We never show, you never know. Its never too much. However, don’t you worry that you would get bored with us cause you got to see us so many times, same smiling faces, but not the same goodies ! 

ED 023-1






These Adorable Angel harnesses arrived only Last week !! but up till now … Half of them was taken already !!

Forgot to mention, its not only a harness, IPL  you will have a match lead that has for a little wing attached as well ! Perfect for either a Girl or a Boy !

Our next Show coming is London Pet Show 2013, on 11 – 12 May ! See you soon :)

New Year 2013

Posted January 3rd, 2013 by Eden Petz

Eden.H Limited wish you all had a great Xmas 2012 and a wonderful New Year 2013.

Now, its 2013 ! have you made any wish of what you want? have you made any plan of what you are going to achieve ? I believe you have loads and loads of lovely dreams that you want them to come true in 2013, so do I.  A lot of hard works to be carried out to get you more surprises as we can!

Have you visited EdenPetz yet? Come to join and enjoy the fun shopping !

Greeting to Everyone !!

Posted December 21st, 2012 by Eden Petz



 … Christmas is only a few steps away … 

    Wish You All a Great and Delightful Christmas !


Great News on EdenPetz — Our Own E-Shop for Pets

Posted December 20th, 2012 by Eden Petz

tonårsflickor över Newcastle redan har en uppsättning uppfattning om brudekjole deras perfekta . Jag går till dessa webbplatser,

Welcome to Eden Petz for Consumer and Wholesale Pet products

Posted September 23rd, 2012 by Eden Petz

Welcome to Eden Petz for Consumer and Wholesale Pet products

Eden Petz is owned and run 980nm laser   by Eden.H ltd - Specialing as an importer, retailer and wholesaler for pet products. We aim to become the leading wholesale pet products supplier for the UK.

Eden.H limited, the New UK Importer of Wholesale Pet Products. We are now introducing our wholesale pet supplies company to the public with great pleasure. Here, you will find loads of fresh wholesale pet accessories, including wholesale pet carriers, brought overseas you rarely see in the current market with great offers. We will always try our hardest to provide the best!

At Eden H UK, we specialise in wholesale pet products. This is the main business we are dealing with at the moment. If you are looking for fresh products based on wholesale pet accessories, we have got them with the most fashionable design; if you are looking for great value wholesale pet carriers, we have got them with the reliable quality  tattoo removal machine  at unbelievable price; if you are looking for wholesale pet supplies bought in bulk, we have got thousands of them ready delivered to your door.

Just remember, we will always do our hardest and kindest work to our clients with great pleasure.